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Together, we’ll not only fix you, we’ll build you up to where you’ve never been before!


    Mike Dunlavy’s fitness career has spanned twenty years in the Los Angeles fitness Industry. He spent time as the Fitness Director of The Incredible Hulk Lou Ferrigno’s Ferrigno Fit. He has created and taught the Incredibly Fit 12 week dvd series, and  also been through many different fitness disciplines. From personal trainer, to kickboxing and yoga instructor, to Pilates teacher, to corrective and mobility specialists, to CrossFit level 1 coach.

    “I have learned and experienced a lot to say the least!”

    “Mike is not only a great trainer, he is good man. He approaches his clients with heart and integrity. He truly cares about what he does and how his clients will benefit from his work with them. I trust him with my own clients, and that action speaks louder then words””

    –Juliet Kaska, Master Pilates Teacher, Celebrity trainer and the founder of JKZEN

    One common aspect way too often lacking in all disciplines of fitness is a very specific focus on the fundamentals of the human body’s naturally intended movement patterns and efficiency. Once this is taught and trained, the body will pleasantly surprise you at what it’s capable of at any age! But if not focused on, along with age, gravity, and our sitting culture, dysfunction will rein over your movements no matter what type of fitness you participate in.

    “My son really hit the jackpot when we met Mike to discuss movement training. It’s so refreshing to find a trainer who has walked the walk and talked the talk. His experience and knowledge with different modalities has turned what were my son’s weaknesses into strengths. More impressively is the way Mike is able to make young athletes buy into what he is teaching and make them believe they can and will progress.”

    -Kurt Schrieber

    The Pilates Fix

    Real Results

    This is why I developed The Pilates Fix! There is a reason Pilates (especially on the Reformer) should be the foundation of everyone’s movement practice – come take your body through the METAMORPHOSIS!