There is a reason Pilates should be the foundation of everyone’s movement practice.


    Pilates on the Tower Reformer will:
    • Return your body to its natural alignment
    • increase mobility and flexibility while simultaneously creating strength within your new range of movement
    • enhance coordination and balance
    • full body toning
    • create complete core control and strength

    Pilates on the Tower Reformer is a one stop shop for correcting and progressing your entire body.

    At Metamorphosis that’s just where we begin! We will continue to:
    • add in functional movement pattern training (squats, hip hinging, overhead pressing, and overall shoulder mobility and health)
    • we’ll then add resistance to strengthen these movements and tone your body
    • we’ll spend time working on hip mobility
    • lots of rotational work will be emphasized

    “Mike’s knowledge of the reformer and it’s benefits are exceptional.  He has been patient and supportive yet pushes me to the appropriate limits for me to get the results I want.  I am truly thankful and highly recommend working with Mike.”

    -Tanya Andolson

    And along the way, with Metamorphosis Corrective Studio, we’ll do soft tissue to relieve any discomfort or dysfunction in the muscles. Freeing up your tissue to move unrestricted as nature intended.

    Come take your body through the METAMORPHOSIS!