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The system

We are a private one-on-one training studio, utilizing a system for returning your body’s movement ability to the ease and efficiency of your more youthful self. We are a corrective fitness studio here to help you be your best physical version of yourself.

Mike Dunlavy


I spent time as the Fitness Director of The Incredible Hulk Lou Ferrigno’s Ferrigno Fit. During this time I created and taught the 12 week DVD series Incredibly Fit. I have learned and experienced a lot to say the least! One common aspect way too often lacking in all disciplines of fitness is a very specific focus on the fundamentals of the human body’s naturally intended movement patterns and efficiency.

“I’ve been in the health and fitness space literally all of my life. I’ve met and worked with more trainers than I can count. Mike by far is one of the best in this business. Mike is more than just a trainer. He is an educator, he is inspiring and he truly loves what he does – and it shows. I have known Mike for over 15 years and I would recommend him to anyone looking to have a real champ in their corner.”

-Shanna Ferrigno , CEO – Ferrigno FIT

Metamorphosis system


Once the human body’s natural intended movement patterns and efficiency is taught and trained, the body will pleasantly surprise you with what it is capable of doing or re-establishing at any age! If not focused on, along with age, gravity, and our “sitting culture”, imbalances and dysfunction will rein over your movements, no matter what type of physical activity you participate in. Enter – METAMORPHOSIS.